a relationship that is unclear whether its actually true or not, that is shown on the info page of facebook
hannah stein and chris yapola are now married on facebook

beth: do you think hannah actually married that scumbag
frank: no, retard its just a facebook relationship!
by poohead12345 January 7, 2009
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A couple that seems to only date through facebook and not in the real world.
Brittany and Adam seem like their not even going out!

yea they have a total facebook relationship
by Idiptoastinchili November 10, 2010
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A couple where both partners obsessively use Facebook and only contact each other through this website.
John: Have you ever been over her's house?
Sam: Nah man but we hit each other up daily on facebook
John: What a Facebook relationship
by laxgurl28 February 27, 2012
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To have romantic or sexual relations with someone while going beyond the limitations of their Facebook Relationship Status.
I performed a Facebook Relationship Status Override (FRSO) with Camila on Friday night.
by FRSO Guy April 19, 2010
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When you are in a relationship with someone and you decide to display it on Facebook to everyone you know. This can be tricky because if the other person isn't ready for this or they don't think it is a serious relationship, they may not accept it, possibly causing turmoil in the relationship.
Hey buddy, do you think I should put my relationship with ____ on Facebook? If she says yes, we'd be in a Facebook Official Relationship!
by Maziac August 24, 2010
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