68 definitions by pimp daddy dollars

Something you say when you are about to fuck a girl or a guy.
Hey Sarah. Gil says his gonna SEX YOU UP.
by pimp daddy dollars March 28, 2005
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a "pile up" is when u take a monster shit, and when da shit gets piled up on da otha shit.
omg man, afta i ate dat spicy ass taco bell, i had such a big ass pile up it was starting 2 overflow in da toilet.
by pimp daddy dollars September 06, 2004
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a gangsta rapper from da best place in da U.S.A (besides NEW YORK) Miami (305)
Pit bull has nasty hooks and str8 ass songs
by pimp daddy dollars October 14, 2004
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when you jump out in front of some one, totally surpriseing them and forceing them to have sex with you.
Remember kids, its not rape, its surprise sex!
by pimp daddy dollars February 10, 2005
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