67 definitions by pimp daddy dollars

when a EXTREMELY horny virgin who is about to get laid is on a waterbed waiting 4 her boyfriend/girlfriend 2 go see her naked waiting 2 get fuked.
Last night i came home and saw a floating cherry in my bedroom
by pimp daddy dollars August 25, 2004
something benzino and other people are when eminem dissed black people.
Benzino and some black people: Eminem is a motherfucking raciest ass cracker! He calls people of the oppisite race mean,derogatory, and raceist names, but I would never do something like that, that stupid ass cracker honkey white boy piece of shit. Fucking white crackers.
by pimp daddy dollars February 27, 2005
a bannana spilt is when a man and woman are having sex and the gurl does a split (spliting her legs open and as far as dey can go open and lies down) on the mans or his "bannana"
omg man, last night crystal did a nasty bannan split.
by pimp daddy dollars September 16, 2004
when someone thinks everybody is out to get him/her and/or thinks everyone is raceist towards him/her.
burger king guy: Here is your whopper with cheese.
Kanye west: OMFG!!! You forgot to put onions on my burger! Your raceist!!!
by pimp daddy dollars February 27, 2005
when some is being a jerk towards you for no apparent reason.
Why you be drinking hatorade dawg?
by pimp daddy dollars January 18, 2005
a big fish that lives in the sea and is often caught by fishermen 4 food
by pimp daddy dollars October 27, 2004