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Three brothers - Jeff, Steve, and Jack Hanson - who played hockey for the Charlestown Chiefs in the 1977 movie "Slap Shot." They came to the team from the Iron League and are quite possibly the three greatest sports movie characters of all time. Before every game they taped tin foil to their knuckles underneath their gloves. They seldom got to play because they sucked terribly at hockey itself. However, when they did get on the ice, the game turned into a bloody brawl, and were usually promptly ejected from the game with the crowd roaring for more bloodshed. In other words, The Hanson Brothers fucked shit up.

For many hockey players today, "Hanson Brothers" is also synonymous with "Hockey Gods."
The Hanson Brothers brought their fuckin' toys with them.
by Pilotguy44 December 04, 2008

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When one takes a shit so large it requires two flushes to completely get rid of the shit and any evidence of its existence.
John had McDonald's for breakfast, Taco Bell for lunch, and had to take a double flusher before we even got to dinner."
by Pilotguy44 January 19, 2010

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The act of wasting enormous amounts of time aimlessly browsing the internet when one should be completing other, much more important tasks. It usually starts as a simple search or the checking of one's emails, and can last for multiple hours before the individual realizes it.

Most prevalent in college students.
This definition is on Urban Dictionary thanks to webcrastination.
by Pilotguy44 October 13, 2009

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Someone who is completely oblivious to the fact that traffic is completely stopped on the other end of a large intersection and continues to drive out into said intersection simply because they have a green light.

When the light turns red and the crossing traffic gets a green light, there is now nowhere to go because this moron is blocking traffic, creating a gridlocked situation in extreme cases.
I was 25 minutes late for work today because some gridlock douche turned Route 9 into a parking lot near the mall.

I stopped at the green light because I could clearly see traffic was bumper-to-bumper on the other side. So when the jackass behind me started beeping I yelled back, "Sorry, I'm not a gridlock douche like you."
by Pilotguy44 October 06, 2009

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"am-bee-mas-ter-bus" / Adjective:

Marked by the ability to masturbate easily with either hand. Particularly applicable to males.
"I've been trying to jerk off with my left hand recently to change things up, but it just hasn't worked for me. I wish I was ambimasturbous like Dave. That guy's a wank warrior."
by pilotguy44 February 18, 2009

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A correction angle that is factored into one's beer pong shot due to extensive intoxication.

The size and placement of the angle is completely dependent on the level of intoxication of the shooter. It is also an acquired skill that develops over time and is usually non-existent in those that suck at beer pong and/or drinking.

Note that this is similar to the concept of crosswind correction, an airplane piloting technique referring to the correction needed for a crosswind present during landing.
"Wow, Darren has been drinking heavily all day and he's still hitting cups like a champion. He really has great drunk correction."

"Dammit Matt, either start putting in some drunk correction or I'm finding a new partner. I'm carrying this team, asshole."
by Pilotguy44 October 19, 2009

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Jim Bean, Jack Daniels, José Cuervo, Wild Turkey, and Goldschläger.

Served in a large shot glass; tastes like fire.
Person 1: "Goddam... what WAS that?! I'm breathing fire over here!"

Person 2: "Two Rednecks and a Beaner Chasing a Turkey down a Goldmine.... it'll make your balls grow bigger."
by Pilotguy44 February 04, 2010

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