A long higway that runs from Champlain, NY (canadian border), all the way down to some town in Deleware. It passes through New York, New Jersey, and Deleware.
I dont't want to be just like you.
by Blahb March 11, 2005
1 a: a traveled way; an established or selected course of travel or action

2 a : a means to make something so that it resembles an existing thing, suggests duplicating an original as nearly as possible. b : one that is below or after the best, c : something doomed to fail or disappoint, d : omission of occurrence or performance; specifically ; a failing to meet expectations
1. The present Route 9 is plagued with a high accident rate, growing traffic congestion and increasing development, both residential and commercial. The current roadway was never designed to handle the situation which is present today, and which will only get worse as Bostonians continue to grow into worse and more inefficient drivers. Among other problems, Route 9 now has limited sight distances, few center turn lanes, no right turn lanes and no shoulders capable of providing for emergencies. Traffic volume is highest closer where the J Street crew resides. Thousands of motorists use Route 9 daily to get to where the J street crew resides and to and from work, traffic is heavy, major tie-ups is commonplace. As a result, turning Route 9 into a place similar to J Street is an impossible task.

2. Route 9 is just a presumptuous, slavish and inept imitation of the superior and original, J Street.
by Jendo October 15, 2004
Similar to the bostonian application. A road that connects the rich, stuck up, Loudoun County, Virginia to the sad, poor, Jefferson County, West Virginia. The Wst Virginians believe that this road belongs to them and want Virginia to expand it to Four lanes all the way to Washington D.C. The situation will neverr be fixed untill Jefferson county adopts some zoning laws, thus pushing the speeding, drunk driving, pedestrian slaughtering hicks deeper into coal territory. Or until Loudoun county requires teachers to teach in the state they live in.
That pich up truck rode my bumper for ten miles on route 9 before passing me on a double yellow.
by REV. Smitty February 24, 2005