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Super Mario Galaxy princess and owner of the Comet observatory. She is so hot that there is no life on Mars because all the residents were blown away by her pure gorgeousness and Martians cannot survive that.
Not only can she kill martians by her hotness she also kills Peach because Peach is a dumbass. Princess Rosalina best pairs up with Chuck Norris.
by pigeonVSstatue October 13, 2011

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Symbol for the chemical Element astatine. Element no. 85, In between Polonium(Po) and Radon(Rn), The reason why chemistry teachers can't teach PoRn (porn)
Yeah there's nosy parents and age laws but Astatine is the only thing preventing us from seeing porn. Screw At.
by pigeonVSstatue October 13, 2011

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Thanks to MTV giving her fame on Teen Mom, this slut is hungry for attention and tries to get a fame-worthy career but is obviously failing. She has a sex tape and claims the guy in it is her boyfriend but that's a total lie because he's a famous porn star and he already debunked the myth. But she'll never give up –she'll always have a trashy pointless way of getting attention. She made a music video bashing her haters in a grossly autotuned song. Other singers do that too but you should know there's a problem when that's the FIRST music video she has.
Person I: Look at Farrah Abraham trying to get attention.

Person II: Oh no, what now?

Person I: I'm talking about the crappy music video. She has no talent but she's getting all these views…

Person II: Meh, no matter how many views she gets, it'll never compare to the number of sex partners she's had.
by pigeonVSstatue September 22, 2015

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A game where you need to be the most annoying person. One person says something annoying and you must say something more annoying. Last person to be annoyed wins
Person No. 1: blablablablablabla. BlaBlaBlaBla. BLABLABLA.


Person No. 3: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Hehehehe!

Person No. 4: I slept with all your gfs.

Person No. 1,2,and 3: Shit!

Person No. 4: I won The annoyed game.
by pigeonVSstatue August 30, 2011

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That shitty excuse used by swimmers with bad hygiene. Pee, go in without showering, leave hair in the pool…as long as there's chlorine, idiots will assume it's perfectly okay.
Swimmer 1: Dude, why didn't you shower?
Swimmer 2: Why should I? It's chlorinated.
Swimmer 3: Yeah, there's chlorine in the water. It makes the water sterile.
by pigeonVSstatue September 07, 2015

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Opaque metal bottles used for drinking water.

Pros: Reusable, can use it to sneak other beverages, and keeps water colder than a plastic one.

Cons: Harder to tell how much water is left.
I used my metal water bottle to drink beer when I was with the wife.
by pigeonVSstatue September 07, 2015

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