A reusable condon is when you are fucking several women ,when done banging one,but before the other you take of condon, turn inside out and shake the fuck out of it
Damn these reusable condon are so nice,when your done just turn inside out and shake the fuck out of it
by Nick Danger Brother January 24, 2022
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When you use a plastic condom that looks identical to a wii remote controller cover. Use by placing your weener in the weener hole with your balls either resting on the ball holder or for increased pleasure in the ball holder. Note: make sure trap door is facing out and IS CLOSED this WILL prevent pregnancy. Half is ribbed for her pleasure and half is open for your ;). To clean rinse under cold water for approximately 3 seconds or lick until clean.
Yo I used dat reusable condoms wii thing shit was off da chang!! Jizz flew everywhere except her pussy!! Then she wanted to have sex again and I had hold your roll bitch I gotta clean this shit. She closed her trap before I Chris Browned her shit. Man I closed that trap door though
by cch pounder January 17, 2010
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Condums that can be used lots times wii remote covors work well as long as da trap door be closed.
I got da hiv and that bitch made me wear a rubber so ize leaved the trap door open on dat reusable condoms so she gets that shit for life.
by hulk hogan vampire January 17, 2010
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A normal bag of nachos used for the specific purpose of coaxing Trailer Trash into committing suicide.
Person: I'll give you these nachos if you'll kill yourself.
Trailer Trash: OKAY!
(Trailer Trash commits suicide)
Person: I can use the same nachos for the next person. Sweet! Reusable Suicide Nachos!
by The Cube July 17, 2004
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Some material item that has the capability of multiple uses by an infinite amount of people, from different places and times.
Turning a large tin can into a watering can by puncturing holes on the side towards at the top of the can and fixing a handle to it.
The watering can has been made by an item that was previously used for a different purpose is known as reusable.
by Esmeralda Zenobia November 6, 2013
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