Symbol for the chemical Element astatine. Element no. 85, In between Polonium(Po) and Radon(Rn), The reason why chemistry teachers can't teach PoRn (porn)
Yeah there's nosy parents and age laws but Astatine is the only thing preventing us from seeing porn. Screw At.
by pigeonVSstatue October 14, 2011
At, can also be written as @, means to face
Stop dissin on the gram, bitch at me !
by Callmewhateveryouwantfrrr December 30, 2021
Will be a great dad or amazing mom
My dad is a at
by June 4, 2021
A really annoying yet smart and kind person who really loves pigeons
Oh look at that girl! She must be an at if she's looking at pigeons.
by ♡ Derpy Lamb ♡ September 30, 2021
At is a pretty woman used for a nice sentence.
At is so pretty.
by sweetwoman234 March 27, 2023
¹At; (acronym)

Anal topography;
The geological features of ones anal region.

²At; (noun)
(@)A sign used to give location, time, or identification

Slang for someones social-media handle

Associated with physical location
1.) "Bro, you smashed. What was her at like? 2.) We will be there @(at)7:30. 3.) Friend 1- "That chick was mad cute, can you give me her at?. Friend 2- " Yeah, you hit her up on snap @◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️. 4.) "Hey, where are you guys AT?" "Oh, we are AT McDonald's ."
by LofanDaSavage November 3, 2019
At is a funny person. With big boobs En she is really sweet. She is a BADDIE so don’t make her mad! She like’s to talk and she is ALWAYS hungry
WoW she is cool. I like at
by Baddieonyourscreen889 July 23, 2020