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4 for 4 a deal at Wendy's that involves head inside the bathroom which is a deal if you ask me.
I heard Natalia gave someone a 4 for 4 at Wendy's
by sonohead?214 June 16, 2019
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4-for-4 means blowjob.
A girl walks up to a guy and asks do you want a 4-for-4?
by OooooooAhhhhhh October 24, 2019
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National foreskin day. A day to honor and respect the foreskin on a man's penis.
Joe: Hey dude, what are you doing for 4/4?
John: Not much man! Just probably gonna jack it and show some respect to my foreskin.
by thejohnnyboy April 18, 2020
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A woman with four kids fathered by four different men.
I stood in line at the grocery store and marveled at the 4 by 4 in front of me trying to use her WIC coupons to buy cigarettes.
by Fedupgov February 20, 2010
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Text and messaging speak for the phrase "for sure". The ~ (tilde) represents a wave coming into the shore.
This was adapted from a hand gesture where one would put 4 fingers up and then mime a wave with that arm coming in to meet the shore, which is the other arm.
Jim: coming tonight?
Fred: 4~
by Sean Benson May 15, 2007
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