6 definitions by phildo macrackin

to have the smell of, or vaginal secretions... upon your penis
Dude, Im goin to town and gittin me some stank on the old hang down!
by phildo macrackin February 28, 2003
to wack off while your hands arent especially clean. perhaps after shooting york county vermin at long ranges with high powered rifles, then handling the varmint len forgettin to wash up before you snap your raddish. leading to your eyes bugging out like a head shot groundhog
HEY RODGERS!! do my eyes look buggy ,cause think I pulled a (JIMMY the DOG) I thought I rinsed my hands off with a old mud!
by phildo macrackin February 28, 2003
To scratch your weiner while sitting on your couch, all the while (THINKING TO YOURSELF) OH MY LIVER!!But NO ! YOU SHIT SOMETHING INTO THE SHAPE OF a (M) in your drawers,also refers to skid marks
DUDE! she bitched at me cause she had to scrub out my -M-stains!
by phildo macrackin February 28, 2003
just plain old Hungry for something real good to eat
DUDE you want to run to WENDY`S ?
You hungry? friend say`s YEA !!! (i`m so hungry i`m fartin fresh air)
by phildo macrackin April 30, 2003
to dine upon meat only to find (THE TOOTSIE ROLL CENTER OF A TOOTSIE POP)comes in flavors.and then again there`s the sanchez!!
I dont know if I can handle another phildo today, Im pretty much full
by phildo macrackin February 28, 2003