It's a remark you make when you either hear someone (a scratter or total scrubber) say something disgusting or see someone do something deplorable.
Walking down the street Dave turned to look across the street and saw someone having a piss in street in broad daylight , Dave, shaking his head mumbled to him self, he said "Scrub out...."
by bartonscooter January 22, 2015
to dress in sweat pants, hooded sweatshirt, mismatched clothing, pajamas, anything comfy
I went to school scrubbed out today. I didn't care what I looked like.
by Jack Bro February 21, 2008
1. Vigorous vaginal intercourse; or
2. Douching after vigorous vaginal intercourse.
George: I was with Emma last night, scrubbing out the possum hole.
Emma: I had to scrub out the possum hole after last night with George.
by Willbro August 6, 2014
to scrub it out, is it a girl or guy to wear something very relax or scrubby, most of the time sweatpants and/or sweatshirt. a day were they "just don't care", but really they do, and are usually wearing victoria secret, so, they are scrubbing with a very clean scrubber.
Girl 1: I like you outfit.
Girl 2: Yeah, i decided to scrub it out today, my hair looks like shit.
Girl 1: Oh, well, I don't think so.
by lynsie October 3, 2006
1.To rub one out using soap in the shower
2. To rub one out thinking about Zach Braff
I always shout "Turk" as I climax when I scrub one out in the shower to the image of Zach Braff.
by Dirté September 22, 2021