a language you can speak without being understood by other people that dont know how to speak it. you say a word for each syllable and add an 'uvag' between each of them. complicated....
in backslang, hi would be 'huvagi' hello would be 'hevage luvago' incomprehensibilities would be 'ivigincovegomprevege hevegensivegibivegillivegitevegies'
by jamphlett January 13, 2011
A language that can be used to communicate in a group without everyone there understanding you. A way to talk to about people around you and they won't understand.

You take the first letter of a word and put it in the end, then add 'ay' on the end. It's hard at first but the more you do it the easier it becomes to understand.
English -'Dude, check out that girl, she'd get it so hard'
Backslang -'Udeday, heckcay utoay hattay irlgay, he'dsay etgay tiay osay ardhay'

English -'Hello there, how are you?'
Backslang -'Ellohay heretay, owhay reaay ouyay?'
by Secret agent 007 June 21, 2010
taking away the first letrter of the word or 2 if they are not vowels and placing ava in the middlethen putting the first letter(s) back on when said fast is a easy and fun way to talk amongst your friends without being detected
havage lavago bravagit navagey havagows yavagour bavagum
by absolute mc June 16, 2004
Backslang where I grew up was to add sylabbles to the start of words, and change the first letter. It's harder to write than it is to speak. Usually gone with 'G' or 'M', so I remember.
'Say what is that strange language?'
'Backslang, fool.'

Gillgi gillagow gillagar gillagou, would translate to Hi, how are you?

Millamat millamar millamou millamup millamo, would translate to what are you up to.
by Didj. March 9, 2008
Backslang was invented by pickpocket gangs in Victorian London. The purpose of backslang, was primary as a means of secret communications, for street gangs.

Remove the first letter of the word then add an "a" at the end.
Backslang: lda enta lacka ophata itha olda atcha

English: Old gent black tophat with a gold watch
by sleepingducks October 15, 2009
1. to talk reversing every word
2. to talk taking the front letter of each word, putting it at the back and adding "ay"
1. olleh yenttirb, swoh ruoy mub?
2. allohay rittneybay owshay ouryay umbay?
by theWestHamfan November 20, 2003