Just to correct No.1 Gymru and Nghymru are only used when in front of the Welsh words 'yn' or 'fy' this is called treiglo,cba to explain!

and Ireland is not Eire it's Iwerddon and Scotland isn't Alba it's Alban.
Ni dylia Rownd a Rownd llogi "actorion" holl ddawnus Glanaethwy oherwydd nid ydynt yn rhoi esiampl dda iawn o ddawn Cymru
by CachuRwts April 15, 2009
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The Welsh-language word for the country of Wales.

Variants: Gymru, Nghymru.
The celtic names for Cornwall, Wales, Ireland and Scotland were Cerniw, Cymru, Eire and Alba.
by phantom oddity October 05, 2004
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Long live Wales. There is no other definition, it is quite simple.....even if you are english.
Guess where I hail from?
Wales isn't going anywhere. Cymru am byth.

English (for want of a better word) person: what is cumree um beethe?
Proud Welsh person: Shut up you toffee-nosed, in-bred, silver spooned wankstain........And no, it isn't great that your mother is also your brother's wife and your sister's mother-in-law.
by Mwfanwy August 11, 2006
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Literally translates as Long Live Wales in the Welsh language, a language that is of Gaelic origin and is virtually extinct in all but rural areas of Wales. Usually shouted after a victory in the sport of rugby, it is a phrase that shows patriotism and nationalism.
Brian: Hey, Wales won the Rugby!
Huw: I know mate, Cymru am Byth!
Brian: Speak english or nothing at all welshie! Also, you truly are all inbred and have contributed nothing to the world!
Huw: Cymru am Byth mate, Cymru am Byth!
by Steve 'Law Man' Jones March 23, 2008
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