Bakground: Tiet was founded in Early March 2004 by a GE employee, correction, a GE contractor employee. He used the word "tiet" on a thursday and it stuck.

Tiet is an acronym standing for "take it easy thursday", tiet is a mindset, a way of life, a method in which one can enjoy his Thursday, at work or at play.
Hey, I'm chillin today because it's tiet thursday!
by Peter May 6, 2004
afrikaans (south african language) for tit.
plural - tiete: tits
sy het 'n mooi paar tiete / she has a nice pare of tits
by t0tti3 May 29, 2004
Tickoo Institute of Emerging Technologies (TIET) is the training and consulting division of CADCIM Technologies, USA. CADCIM is one of the leading providers of quality textbooks on software related to CAD/CAM/CAE, Animation/VFX, Computer Programming, and Civil/GIS. Incepted under the leadership of Prof. Sham Tickoo, TIET focuses on imparting quality education on new generation technologies.
by TIET March 15, 2019
Tiet is a charming girl or boy who is every funny. Usually very active but slow in the head . They are very loyal bestfriends and hold on to memories for along time. They will treat all there close friends greatly and will always smiling
by Bolo yummy September 19, 2019
Another word wor someone who is a naai,or a doos
Kom hier tiet kop naaier
by @ft_frogman_16 November 21, 2021
‘Wat irritant doen jonge’ is a sentence used when you trigger the almighty vince. This is the only thing he is able to say.
Vince Snorkel Tiet: ‘wat ge leaved tantoe homo’
by Edward Richtieten February 14, 2020