249 definitions by pete

A woman's labia, usually one that hangs out and smells rather vivid.
Her fishy flaps could be smelt as soon as I walked into the room.
by Pete November 15, 2004
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The sound that Bonzi Buddy makes when you type in 'Meow' in the text to speech box.
Fuck you bonzi buddy you spywear piece of shit, I trusted you. Meov.
by Pete March 15, 2004
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Lantec's desk that cost him 10k to build on the Hard|OCP forums.
Did that (whatever) cost 10k?
by Pete July 24, 2003
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The sound a trombone with a mute makes. The trombone often being played by a man with sunglasses and a berret. Two consecutive notes in a row, the first being higher than the second. Only used when someone does something dumb.
"Hahaha, that fucker backed into the car! Waa-waa!" or "You blew bong juice all over your pants! Waa-waa!"
by Pete April 21, 2003
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The horrible, cheesy substance that forms on the head of your penis. A good excuse for girls not to give you a blow job. See smegma.
I literally had to scrape the bell end cheddar off today. Guess I should have washed myself more often...
by Pete May 18, 2005
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A greasy haired loser who thinks he's welcome in our pub.
Fuck off Cuntface, nobody likes you
by Pete February 25, 2005
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A threesome between a girl and 2 guys.
She was into 2 guys and they were both there that night so she had a manwich.
by pete March 22, 2004
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