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To be soft towards someone or something that you care about.

(mookish, mookely, mookie)
The guy looked at his girlfriend with a mookie expression because he adored her.

The man looked at his girlfriend in a mookish fashion.

Why is he looking at me all mookely?
by Kandace February 01, 2007
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The sound a ketchup bottle makes when it squirts or Faith Varelli
Did you hear that mookie?
by mookiestmookie August 17, 2017
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A Term for The Most Beautiful/Perfect Girl In The World
Hi Mookie , god You're Hot
by BLUE September 28, 2004
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The term Mookie comes from the Spike Lee movie, "Do the Right Thing". There are many definitions of the term Mookie.
The most popular ones are as follows:

1. triflin ass man who is lazy and doesn't take care of his responsibilities, (i.e. his rent payments, his job, HIS KIDS)

2. a fine ass man who looks extremely sexy

3. a term of endearment

4. an adjective to describe a triflin man or woman
1. Damn, Malcolm is such a mookie. Did you know he's a baby daddy and he doesn't pay child support?

2. Oh mah damn, that is one fine lookin man over there, now that's a mookie.

3. Oh mookie, you know I love you.

4. He is being so mookie right now. He fell asleep at work again after he showed up late.
by Sista Curves & B Money September 20, 2010
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