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1. A menu item at Olive Garden. Grilled 18 oz choice T-bone brushed with Italian herbs. Served with Tuscan potatoes and bell peppers.

2. A Tuscan T-Bone occurs when a guy is ready to slide it gently into a cute, usually Italian, chick's pussy. He first takes a peek to enjoy the view and discovers a disgustingly hairy crotch, tries to ram it in before he gets sick, misses her camouflaged hole, and jams his cock into her taint. All of this ends with his bone crumpled into the shape of a "T".
Bill: Ouch! Shit!

Sophie: What happened?

Bill: What do you mean, what happened? I took one look at your snatch and ended up with a Tuscan T-Bone. You could warn a guy!
by oso31 May 30, 2007

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Meaning the same as "less is more," but with a Man vs. Wild vs. Survivorman twist. Les Stroud, star of Survivorman, has an admittedly less exciting (yet more educational and interesting) show than Man vs. Wild's Bear Grylls. But since Bear's show is as realistic as Baywatch is a show about lifeguarding and Survivorman actually has good tips...Les is More...
I could try packing everything and the kitchen sink on this dayhike, but as I learned on Survivorman, I'll just take my multi-tool. Les is More...
by oso31 September 14, 2007

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Literally, a donkey who thought he farted but really shitted. This goes beyond the normal shart. It is a brutal, nauseating shart.
I think I just donsharted. Holly crap that's awful. Gasp!!!
by oso31 September 10, 2006

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Verb. To be Mustaine'd is to travel a great distance with a group of people, and once arriving at the destination point, to be sent immediately back--usually because you're being fired for being an incompetent ass.

This is named for Dave Mustaine who, as a member of Metallica, traveled with them from California to NYC. The band sent him packing the next day.
Alison: Did you see Project Runway last night?
Kora: When they got to go to Paris, and then Angela got Mustaine'd cause of the crappy dress? Awesome show.
Alison: Carry on!
by oso31 August 31, 2006

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1. n. Nickname for the Mississippi River, the second longest river in the United States.

2. n., adj. When your crap is so muddy and foul, you can catch catfish in it.
Tippy: Come take a look at this - I just crapped the Mighty Mississippi!
Playa: Oh, Gawd! Did you break a levee?
by oso31 July 10, 2008

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1. N. A twisted mind who comes up with the most obscene, perverted terms and submits them to the UD. The preferred technique of the termvert is to take a term that sounds very harmless by itself (a.k.a., Cleveland Steamer, Frosty the Snowman, Tuscan T-Bone) and subfuse it with the most profane meaning possible.

Note: Termverts were once thought to be confined to bored teen-agers from upper class neighborhoods, but it’s now assumed to have settled mostly with middle-aged men residing in cube farms.

2. Adj. Of, by, or like a termvert.
Tom: I have a new definition for the Urban Dictionary. I call it the Tuscan T-Bone.

Doug (after reading it): Ugh. That’s disgusting.

Tom: Isn’t it awesome? Let’s post it to the UD.

Doug: Great idea. This is the best termvert definition ever.

by oso31 January 14, 2009

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Similar to the Stairway to Heaven, but instead of rusty trombones up and down the staircase, it is a daisy-chain of people doing Cleveland Steamers on each other. Extra points if you can work the staircase in sequence.
It was so intense last night, there was a Mannheim Steamroller up and down the staircase!
by oso31 December 05, 2006

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