A weapon used for crushing/killing someone. Most effective when you drop it from mid air during stopped time.
I remember when a vampire dressed like a leprechaun sucked my granddad's blood and tried to flatten me with a Steamroller by dropping it on me from 20 feet in the air and proceeded to punch it while screaming "useless".
by Yee Yee 99 December 31, 2020
An action typically used to wake up your friend/significant other/grandmother by rolling over them repeatedly while screaming "Steamroller!".
<guy 1> "He won't get out of bed"
<guy 2> "OK, I'll take care of it"
<guy 2> from other room - "STEAMROLLER!"
<sleeping guy> - "what the fuck!"
by bag'o'scott July 15, 2009
a sexual posistion. the woman in a wheel chair cuts a hole in the chair and smokes a cigarette while the man inserts his penis in her. she then rolls back and forth over allowing the cock to go in and out.
Oh john can we please do the steamroller again tonight? Marcy loves watching us when we do it!
by Big Dick Tom February 3, 2010
A sexual act that involves the following steps:

- An individual shits in another individuals mouth.

-The "shitee" chews up the shit, spits it out, and rolls in it.
*Sung to the tune of "Maneater" by Hall & Oates*

Oh-oh here she comes.
Watch out boy, she'll chew it up
Oh-oh here she comes
Time for a steamroller!
by Slick Dick Lick October 4, 2004
When you're cuddling with a girl and you roll onto her with a boner and try and get her to judge your dick size.
I was trying to give that bitch a steamroller, but she just wasn't getting it and wouldn't tell me if i'm big or not.
by The Judge Mathis December 7, 2009
Man or woman shits on their sexual partner's chest and rubs their ass back and forth in the shit that's on your chest.
My girl gave me a steamroller last night, it was sweet!
by MentalEmotionalBitchAssh0le April 27, 2019
When you and your partner shit all over the bed and roll around in it, in log position, like a steamroller
Straight up no shit my girl wanted to do the steamroller last night
by Slatterpuss May 13, 2019