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A term preceded by a pound (#) sign, embedded in tweets, forum posts, or other online communications. Used by people who are ignorant of how content-indexing systems work, thinking that they have to create identifiers or catchphrases to make their content searchable and more prominent.

The number of these tags embedded in a person's communications is proportional to their self-importance and insecurity.
One of the great things about the #iPhone was abandoning the #stylus. Not sure why #samsung thinks bring it back is #innovation and #freedom

(That's it; the form validation stupidly insists that the word "douchetag" appear in here.)
by Oscar Goldman August 20, 2012

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The term usually applies to a racist joke or statement where the declarant believes that "irony" or otherwise general well-meaning excuses or mitigates the racism.
Hey are you going to that Kill Whitie party in Brooklyn tomorrow that, coincidentally, will be all white?

Naw, those parties are hipster racist.
by oscar goldman August 03, 2015

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An exceptional skier or snowboarder who gets laid often due to their abilities on the slopes.
"Did you see that guy at apres drinking a Red Bull and vodka with all those chicks?"

"Yeah, man. Bro did laps all day off Pali. Total sexual shredator."
by oscar goldman July 21, 2017

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A brownie containing marijuana. The name originates with Colorado's legalization of marijuana and the resulting edible marijuana products being available for retail purchase.
"Hey, bro--are these Colorado brownies?"

"You know it, son. Got them at my local dispensary."
by oscar goldman October 08, 2013

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To be have the establishment deliberately ruin one’s goals.
I tried to sell flakka at school, but a teacher caught wind, and I got berned.
by oscar goldman March 02, 2020

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