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A name created to try and push the drug a-PVP onto the streets, a strong stimulant with effects said to comparable to a cross of meth and coke. Much like MDPV. Currently bulk synthed in China and imported.
You can eat it, snort it, rub it on your gums, smoke it in a meth pipe, inject into a cock vein and also booty shoot it.
Incredibly potent, dangerously cheap and more addictive than meth. So have fun kids :)
Quote from a user on the website/forum "vaping alpha-pvp (flakka) almost made me ejaculate"
by drug fucked cunt April 28, 2015
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Some nasty-ass drug that's dirt cheap and extremely dangerous
Mom: Kids, don't do flakka, it will turn you to zombies!
by octaa.x June 13, 2018
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Mdmd crystal meth a term to describe the mali crystals among the African American urban civilizations
man you been smoking too much at Flakka
by microq1 March 16, 2015
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