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a slang term to describe affection between two people.
Tbag to random hobbit ~ "hello, you're my baybis."
by nohj September 29, 2004
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It's when any number of HP manufactured equipment fails on a regular basis, and not any amount of service can correct the problem because nothing can fix an HP product.
Ray~"Did my print come out?"
John~"Half of it did..there other half is stuck in the tray."

(whoever is listening) "You got HP'd again"
by nohj February 03, 2004
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A place used by special ed. students who are afraid to use public bathrooms usually located in a closet or corner.
Where's Jimmy the Ree-ree?
Jimmy's in the ppshack, pissing on his shoes.
by nohj January 18, 2004
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A sexual act that invloves a person who has been engaging in intercourse for several hours and then pulling out and jabbing the penis into the opposite partners belly button in an attempt to climax. Repeated attempts can cause a rupture to the abdominal wall due to the intense penetrating motion.
"I was killin it the other night so bad that I had to give her the Colemanation!" ~Coleman
by nohj May 10, 2004
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to engage in sexual penetration involving in any available hole and then stretch it beyond unimaginable limits.
"did you see Ryan Bosh today?" - Caveman 2044

"no, why?" - Chalupa

"cuz Bosh got boshed in his bosh-hole....deep."
by nohj March 22, 2004
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It's when Lenny gets mad and tosses his cane at the dumb waitresses when they don't bring him his alcholic beverage.
"Dumb ho!, where's my margarita!" (throws cane in waitresses face)
by nohj January 30, 2004
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a derogatory name for an afro-american see also nigger
He missed that 3 pointer, gin ass gin!"
by nohj February 15, 2004
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