Hey esé I ate your moms chalupa last night, her pussy was great
by Matty retahd April 17, 2018
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The fat roll behind someone's knee
Jamie's chalupas were sweating when she sat down outside
by Kathleen soccer girl June 4, 2011
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The act of throwing a chalupa or cheap Mexican food on the possessions of your enemies.
Wow Jacob is such a dick, let's chalupa him.
by Montan-ya August 31, 2015
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An impolite way to refer to a Mexican house maid.
Plural: Chalupas
Aye nena, tell the chalupa to make me some breakfast.
by Read Them All August 2, 2018
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Chalupa is an unidentified island southeast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. In order to enter Chalupa, you need to go through the Bermuda Triangle, into the 9th Dimensional Hallway. Dyle Kyle is the prime minister and is the founder of Chalupa.
All heil Chalupa!
by Professor Derek Bum March 15, 2020
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