An elite word that you use too often to make people mad and use it in the wrong context
Person 1: “heyyy!”
Person 2: “no”

Person 1: “u a freak?”
Person 2: “no”

Person 1: omg I’m such a crackhead

Person 2: no
by No❤️ June 4, 2020
by S34ST0RM March 9, 2021
a word that creeps and perverts need to understand when people deny them, also a word that can break people's hearts and souls.
Person A: Can I have your nudes?
Person B: No.
Person A: Oh...
by edgymofo December 12, 2021
<Teacher> Did you set Bobby's school bag on fire?
<Timmy> No!

<Parent> Go... to... BED!!
<Timmy> No!
<Parent> Oh, okay then!

<ButtSlut> Looking fo' a good time, sugar?
<Timmy> No!

<BrownNose> Mr President! You're doing horribly in the running of this nation!
<Bush> No!
<BrownNose> Oh, okay then!
by baSTardized boTTomburp May 22, 2003
Probabally the most common fucking word in the world.
by OMGINOWORDS August 28, 2006
by RandomPersonMan October 15, 2020