An elite word that you use too often to make people mad and use it in the wrong context
Person 1: “heyyy!”
Person 2: “no”

Person 1: “u a freak?”
Person 2: “no”

Person 1: omg I’m such a crackhead

Person 2: no
by No❤️ June 04, 2020
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<Teacher> Did you set Bobby's school bag on fire?
<Timmy> No!

<Parent> Go... to... BED!!
<Timmy> No!
<Parent> Oh, okay then!

<ButtSlut> Looking fo' a good time, sugar?
<Timmy> No!

<BrownNose> Mr President! You're doing horribly in the running of this nation!
<Bush> No!
<BrownNose> Oh, okay then!
by baSTardized boTTomburp May 21, 2003
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Probabally the most common fucking word in the world.
by OMGINOWORDS August 28, 2006
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1. get the fuck away from me
2. shut the hell up
3. get the hell away from me and shut the fuck up
Hey Mr. can you help me read these directions on this map?
by pj March 24, 2004
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a word used to ruin peoples lives.
Do you love me?

Can I go with my friends?
by kowshe July 12, 2008
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Opposite of Yes. Disagree. Not wanting. Turning down.
Wife: Are you drunk, dear? I thought you said you weren't gonna drink anymore!
Husband: NO!!!!!
by WOOT! July 13, 2003
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