94 definitions by nikkan_hanil

A game that lost it's grace and glory after the first.
...but don't even get me STARTED on the GBA port...
by nikkan_hanil July 01, 2004
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Someone who rates thumbs up on his/her on definition. Similar to how a forum post whore posts to increase post count,
Look at that stupid fanboy gamer whoring his thumbs up count, like he's trying to prove a point or something!

*People shoves his face in*
by nikkan_hanil August 27, 2004
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Hot chicks. Stupid music.
You call this metal?! *Vomit*
by nikkan_hanil July 02, 2004
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GameBoy Advance.
The Game Boy Advance can never come close to matching the fun factor of the Neo Geo Pocket.
by nikkan_hanil July 01, 2004
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An awesome song by The Buckwheat Boys. If you don't like it, you gay 'cause it has gret vocals and fantastice instrumentals.
Let's hear it for the dancing banana!
by nikkan_hanil January 16, 2004
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A demon like "god" that leads youth to sexual perversion and destruction. His symbol is the so-called "anarchy" sign, which is extremely popular with "rockers" and posers today. The symbol is an A with a circle around it.
I have an Anarchy sign on my shirt/backpack/hat/forehead. Boy am I cool.
by nikkan_hanil December 23, 2003
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Crap. They usually taste like the aforementioned word. They are dough rings deep fried in fat and them topped with some sort of sweet ingredient like glaze or sugar. I hate donuts. Then again, they are preyed on upon many girls making them pretty damned plump so I guess they're no all that bad... :3
Eaten also by master genius Homer Simpson.
-"God, I HATE donuts!"
*Fat girl eats donut*
"Wait wait, nm..." :3

-Homer wouldn't be half as funny if he weren't so desperate fo donuts.
by nikkan_hanil December 13, 2003
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