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Books and comic publications from Japan. Most manga are made into anime and vice versa. Usually reads right to left. Sold in the USA as graphic novels.
The anime version of the manga, "Real Bout High School" was an utter disgrace.
by nikkan_hanil December 15, 2003
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That fat orange feline who never got his big movie break like Garfield did.
At least the cartoon wasn't that bad...
by nikkan_hanil July 01, 2004
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Great Japanese rock band.
Major album releases: Ongaku, Mugendai, Up to You.
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004
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1.Line from a certain rap song, which is a very funny random thing to say and sing (see example).

2.A condition which is a blessing upon woman.
Booty do! Stomach stick farther than yo' booty do!
by nikkan_hanil December 10, 2003
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A fantastic song by "Arabian Rap Sensations" Grōůp X.
Has something to do with buttfucking girls though. That are 55 years old no less...
by nikkan_hanil January 15, 2004
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Youth characterized by sharp fashion, influenced by 1960's music and culture, and a possible love of Vespa/Lambretta/Piaggio scooters showing alienation from mainstream pop culture. This style originated in Britian.

The word "Mod" can also be loosely tied to a "modernist", who does not fill the above characteristics, but is "hip" into today's appealing fashions/trends/etc...
1. "Nice scooter."
"Yeah. Some Mod dude helped me restore it."
"Wanna come to my house tonight and watch 'Quadrophenia'"?

2. "Adam is all into modern rock! That f---in' mod..."
by nikkan_hanil September 23, 2004
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A J-rock band that wouldn't have half the pouplarity or recognition in America if it weren't for FLCL.
There are OTHER great J-rock bands besides The Pillows you know...
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004
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