The first ever dream match game to actually turn into it's own canonical series, that used to come out on a yearly basis until after 2003. The series isn't as mainstream as Street Fighter (who in term of boss difficulty is noob-like compared to SNK) and actually is harder to find in stores.

The game is in a team battle 3-on-3 format that is usually is the standard for future dream match titles other than KOF itself. There is single player mode as well but no one goes there do they?

Every few games, they have a new saga and focus the game around a new set of characters something Street Fighter NEVER DONE! and add a somewhat newer cast withsome old school faves.

Usually those that bash KOF usually got their ass handed to them by Rugal or some other SNK boss character with relative ease because they tried to play it like Street Fighter
Street Fighter Fan: KOF is a ripoff of Street Fighter
Me: yes, some of the designs of the characters are similar but at least The King of Fighters has a continuiing storyline unlike Street Fighter who still relies on the success on the 2nd game that came out 20 years AGO!
by D.............B. April 17, 2011
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A popular video game in the fighting category that demonstrated to a lazy, repetitive, monotonous, and unimaginative company that goes by the name Capcom, how fighting games do have the ability to evolve if one really tries.
by Gutsukyo September 17, 2011
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all the characters on king of fighters were basicly copyed from all the street fighter characters and outfits from mortal kombat characters. which makes KoF poor man's street fighter
ex:ryo sakazaki is snk's copy of capcom's ryu and ken
by TiTyRon July 1, 2009
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Its where you have King of Fighters but forget you own a copy because the graphics are so good and belong in an expensive arcade cabinet. Only because you play too much Street Fighter and Tekken.
"Oh no. I didnt realize I have Guilty Gear XX. I must have Imposter King of Fighter's syndrome."
by Chevyman95 November 2, 2021
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