Robber: Hey mister! Leeme see your wallet, I'll show you a magic trick...
Dumb Man: OK!
Robber: *Runs* Deeebooooooooooo!!!
by nikkan_hanil July 02, 2004
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Inspired by the character "Deebo" from the film Friday, its original definition is to steal something. It has also become used to describe a victory or pwnage of immense proportions, in an argument or a fight. The most literal definition would be "took."
The English army gets took by William Wallace in the movie Braveheart.

The English army gets deboed by William Wallace in Braveheart.
by ATW July 24, 2005
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To take; to steal; to grab and run away with. (Debo-ing is always done in a pimp-ass manner. If it's not done by a pimp, or in a pimp-ass manner, than it is 'taking' or 'stealing'.)
Hey slavina, I'm sorry I debo'd your virginity...
I debo'd this shirt from pacsun...
Holy shit, that kid just debo'd that kids iPhone! Lolz.
by ryan ellz June 13, 2008
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The act of dissing someone, joaning on somebody, ripping on somebody, making fun of somebody, stealing something from somebody, trashing someones stuff, or any other cruel act to be funny.
Originally a character known on the "Friday" movies.
Say it when someone is the person who is getting ripped on.
When referring to it, usually used in the past tense, as deboed.
*Commonly known as a game at JHS! Books thrown on the floor and stomped the crap out of until you need a new binder.*
His books were just trampled on by that pack of wild boys.
His books were just deboed on by that pack of wild boys.
Crowd says, "DEBO!"
by Courtney W. May 20, 2006
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Usage #1
Debo is a response given after delivering a command. It means, in so many words, "I can't believe you just did what I told you to do, you're my bitch."

Usage #2
Alternatively, it can also be a response by a third party when someone is brown-nosing someone else.

Usage #3
Debo can be used in many different ways as a common insult.

Usage #4
Sometimes, debo can be used as a reaction to an altercation in which one person is drastically insulted.

The word, sometimes spelled "deebo", originally comes from the 1995 film "Friday", in which Tiny Lister Jr.'s character is named "Deebo". It was adapted into slang usage in early 1997 in the Metro Detroit region, particularly at Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory, where it became something of a catch phrase.
Usage #1
Man 1: "Will you get that basketball for me?"
Man 2 gets basketball
Man 1: "DEBO!"

Man 1: "Shut up, bitch!"
Man 2 shuts up
Man 1: "DEBO!"

Usage #2
Man 1 (to Man 2): "Gee, I love your jacket. You look amazing."
Man 3: "Damn, DEBO that fool!"

Man 1 (to Man 2): "Do you want me to help you with those groceries!?"
Man 3: "Debo! Slap a dee!" ("slap a dee", applied here often in combination with "debo", means to "get that penis out of your mouth"; in other words, "stop brown-nosing").

Usage #3
Man 1: "Shut your face!"
Man 2 (loudly): "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
Man 1 (sarcastically): "Debo... Like I'd ever listen to you!"

Usage #4
Man 1: "Yo' momma's first good fuck was last night--with me!!"
Man 2: "Shut up!"
Crowd witnessing altercation: "Oh man, that guy just got DEBOED!"
by Geoff February 17, 2005
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