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Vega is a short form for Cerwin Vega speakers. Or used for any car audio. Commonly used to tell somone how awsome there sound system is
Shit man, your vegas POUND, I think my ears are bleeding!!
by Nik April 14, 2005
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1. The glass thing that you look through, and the birds run into

2. One of many of what I have opened right now (what this website is in.
1. Ouch! dang it, I ran into the fucking window.

2.I opened yahoo to hide my pr0n window
by NIK January 22, 2004
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Something all men want and all women can get !
Man - do you want to have sex

Woman - not until i want it
by Nik November 19, 2003
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I real cool band from IVC, good mates with the band 'Zikonium' Play lots of heavy rock music.
Nik, Sam, Mike, Dana.
"wow phlyght just made me change my pants"
by Nik December 13, 2003
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VERB: to masterbate or to play with your reproductive organs
i didnt get enough @$$ last nite, so i had to slap the dog
by nik April 30, 2004
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The smaller of two sails on a boat.
I pulled the jib sail close to the mast as we turned towards the wind
by Nik February 07, 2004
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Expression frequently used by WHO (World Health Organization) researchers

Refer pneumoniainfluenzaflutrans-avian
"The source ob thi' code is a chicken"

Or : "This strain of influenzia has been traced back to a chicken in Hong Kong"
by Nik January 30, 2004
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