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What alot of you little women hating, homophobic, backstabbing, lolly pop licking bedwetters are really doing on this web site. Try to remember that this is really just entertainment mixed with a tiny bit of insight and education. Its not as much fun when you use it to bash ex's or spew your racial epitaphs. Get over yoursef already. She was no good for man!
My girlfriend,________ just broke up with me because she's a stupid wh*re!!! (sniffle) Or maybe it's because you had too many cats and too many posters of Star Trek on the walls?
by Cornfucker January 25, 2004
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Doing things to fullfill your own (petty) desires and wishes, even if it hurts someone along the way.
That guy lied about me just to get me disqualified from the competition so he could win more easily. What a self gratification seeking POS.
by BEGONETHOTS October 06, 2018
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