Slang commonly used in text messages or instant messages meaning big fucking deal, as used by Micheal Scott in an episode of The Office.
Jim: I can't make a move on her she's engaged.
Micheal: BFD, engaged ain't married.
by Chris Sidote June 18, 2008
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To be overcharged for anything
Robbed blind
We got bf'd at that restaurant last night...
Fooking bastards bf'd us with that bill didn't they?
Set of bastards - proper bf'd us.
by Wajid Kahn October 17, 2007
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An abbreviation for Big Fucking Dick. Can also be used in text messaging and instant messaging.
Jenny is at the movies with her new boyfriend and they start playing with eachother in the dark. He pulls out his Johnson and after playtime is over she texts her best friend Joanna the following "Wow. Like OMG my new guy I met at the bar, the tall one named mark has like a B.F.D. It is like that big"
by Ozman121094 February 06, 2010
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