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Douché: A retort for when someone corrects or one-ups you in a total douchebag-like fashion that serves only to ruin the moment.
Me: "i had the CRAZIEST time last night! At the Strokes concert, they played a cover of All Along the Watchtower – you know, the Jimi Hendrix song? – anyway, their bass player pulled me up on stage and I sang the chorus with the band!! It was fucking amazing!!"

Idiot: Actually, Along Along the Watchtower is originally a Bob Dylan song. And it doesn't really have a chorus at all – it's not structured like that."

Me: Douché.
by newsvava March 05, 2009
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Totally relaxed and chill, a.k.a. hella mellow.
Girl 1: So I hear you scared off George Clooney with your repeated text messages.

Girl 2: Whatever!! I sent him like TWO texts. It was hells mells!

Girl 1: Whoa, you need to mellow out. You know George Clooney scares off easily.
by newsvava February 12, 2009
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Long skinny breasts that hang down like bananas.
Guy 1: Wow, Kate Winslet's really got some large naturals!

Guy 2: See The Reader, bro. They're total banana danglers.
by newsvava February 13, 2009
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Links to videos or websites etc. that people send each other, i.e. nuggets that people trade.
Girl 1: Holy fuck have you been on urbandictionary.com? Soooo funny!

Girl 2: Dude, staple trader nugget.
by newsvava February 12, 2009
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Your personal lexicon. If you're legit, it's full of dope shit.

"Damn you cracks me up! Your verbal diary half belongs on urban dictionary!"
by newsvava February 13, 2009
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The most sincere tears of all.
Guy: Baby, the airport's closed and I can't make it home for Christmas!

Girl: Are you serious?! Baby unicorn tears!
by newsvava February 12, 2009
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Noun. A facebook message that sucks, often due to its level of gayness.

Verb. To suck at facebook, for example by sending only messages that are boring and/or totally gay.
Girl 1: Did you hear Colleen got engaged?!

Girl 2: I know, yawn. She sent me the gayest facesuck.

Girl 1: Yeah, Colleen sucks in real life and she facesucks.
by newsvava February 11, 2009
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