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Some event that would be so grand, it would surpass some or all of the most popular and influential known historical events. Reserved only for positive events, not negative ones. Most people exaggerate these events, especially under the influence of alcohol, which may backfire and become epic fail.
"Duuuude, I say we go fuckin' hang gliding over the grand canyon, it would be epic history!!"
"Actually, that would be epic fail if you ask me"
by nakker December 14, 2009
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1. Something so utterly absurd or wacky the point where no other words can describe.

synonymous with shiznack (it's derivation)

other forms:
nakky (adj.) nakker (n.)
Guy #1: Yesterday, I saw a guy on stilts trying to pull a tractor trailor with his teeth while doing the hokey-pokey.

Guy #2: If that's not nakk, I dont know what is.
by nakker December 12, 2009
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1. (Verb) The act of having anal sex with a woman with gastrointesional issues.

2. (Adjective) One who acts like a fuck or fucker, but to a greater extent. Synonymous with assanine

Girl: Golly gee willikers! I've been constipated for a week now.
Guy: I can take care of that if you let me rusty fuck you tonight.


Guy playing Cod Mod 2: That rusty fuck will not stop running around with his stupid akimbo shotguns.
by nakker December 14, 2009
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1. One who tends to become someone who shows ass like qualities during Christmas time, and tries to ruin the spirit of Christmas.

2. Jewish.

3. A Scrooge.
"Why has Joshua been acting like such a jingly ass recently?"
"He's Jewish, he will be back to normal after new years."
by nakker December 14, 2009
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Pronounced: ass-uh-nine

1. Describing an action that only one who comprises of ass-like characteristics would perform.
Guy #1: I was playing Call of Duty MW2 and this guy kept running around with the marathon, lightweight, and commando perks stabbing people silly and pissing people off.

Guy #2: Man that is so assanine. I would have left the match rather than continue to play with that asshole all day.
by nakker December 12, 2009
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Abbreviation for the game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2"

As to not confuse other Cod titles like Cod 2, or Cod Mod 1 aka Cod 4
Guy #1: I enjoy playing Cod.
Guy #2: Which one?
Guy #1: The second one, with the nukes and shit.
Guy #2: You mean the sixth?
Guy #1: Wait... what? I'm so confused.
Guy #2: Cod Mod 2?
Guy #1: Yeah that one! Why do they confuse us with all these crazy titles?
by nakker December 13, 2009
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