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Term used by will smith in fresh prince of bel air to address Geoffrey their butler.
"Yo G!! i need some advice what do u do if the north is under control but theres an uprising in the south" (Will asking geofrey for help with problems with Lisa)
by mxc LUVER December 18, 2004

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can be used meaning your having an orgasm or the ooze/juice that comes out of both sexes during before orgasm
1-oooooooo fuck yeah im gonna CUM!!

2-ewwwwww theres cum everywhere!!
by mxc luver December 16, 2004

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Pronounced GEE Ledouche a member on MXC (takeshi's castle) who tells the games and interviews fallen contestants. Dubbed with a perverted french mans voice but even without the dubbing he seems perverted. Also has perverted needs and is seems to go for any type of sex know matter who or what you are
1- "crawling in the deep dank region looking and straining for a thick black vein!"
2-bathe me NOW!

3-repeated line Guy like!

4-Vic: And coming up last is Milker Shanks, he's a bull milker.
Kenny: What kind of cheese comes from that?
Vic: I don't know, but it doesn't belong on a bagel.

5-B'jork: I have disgraced my family.
Guy LeDouche: How so?
B'jork: In my country you disgrace your family if your breasts get wet.
Guy LeDouche: Um, Guy will dry them off for you. Ahahahahaha!
by mxc luver December 17, 2004

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Funniest movie series in the world, which has the funniest quotes....teams up actors which make a great team...making these movies classic....supposedely coming out with a 3rd one this summer....
chan-wut is up my nigga

black guy in pool place- BOY u better watch yo mouth!


(2) Carter- thats not a cigarette thats cigaweed!
(3)Carter- This food is mad greasy chin u tryin to sell a box of grease
Chinese guy- you a punk bitch
(4)Carter- you dont jump in front of a black man on a buffet line!
(5)CHAN- in hong kong i michael jackson u toto
Carter- you mean tito totos wut we had for dinner last night
(6) Carter singing- Cant stop til i get enough wont stop til the music ah wont stop til the music stops....ILL be right back ill be right back
by mxc luver January 15, 2005

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Meaning to suck my dick, popuralized in the early 90's.
YO beeeeetach will you choke on my spoke!
by mxc LUVER December 18, 2004

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Kick ass martial artist who was in teenage mutant ninja turtles 2, and most recently in the rundown.
"so which one of you ladies wanna take a ride with me? dream on dweeb. yeah well when i do ill dream of something a little thinner!"
by mxc luver December 12, 2004

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best show on tv the captain really airs the show, has funniest quotes ever guy ledouche is funny guy, frequently uses babagonoosh.
(1)"he went down and sniffed his own bagdad"

(2)"OH UR DIRTY girl, yeah i need to be hosed off, oh guy has a hose, oh u creep GUY LIKE"
by mxc luver December 04, 2004

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