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Noun / milk-r

A small container for milk. The origin of this word dates back to late 2013 in London, ON when a restaurant patron wanted the milk alternative to the small creamer containing cream for his decaffeinated coffee after dinner. Do you know chico?
"waitress! bring me a milker please!"
by do you know chico? September 14, 2013
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When a man has extra chub under his nipples, making it look like man boobs.
Hey milkers! Put on a bra!

*grabs man boob* Milkers....
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by AngiesAwesome September 07, 2018
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The milk-filled, chest-adorning, man-attracting, nipple-hoarding enigmas every female has, many females enlarge, and some males recreate (be it by sex-change or weight-gain).
"Did you get jiggy with Maureen?"

"YEAH! Her milkers were looking SOO dayum good I PHYSICALLY couldn't not."
by Coopatron December 19, 2007
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A milker is an individual who milks out more money out of a project by delaying updates and killing the development cycle. Usually on any crowdfunding site.
Person 1: Did you here about that project for a new invention that is currently being crowdfunded?
Person 2: Isn't that being crowdfunded for the 3rd time now?
Person 1: Really? So he's a fucking milker? Why do people keep giving him money?
Person 2: Because they're not British and have their dreams crushed.
by ELEET May 29, 2017
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