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a bathroom located near a cafeteria
"I had too much hot & sour soup; gotta go to the tinkleteria."
by mslalib February 17, 2010

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(verb) to astound or stupify students by an exceptionally well planned class, or science lab
I'm really going to teachify my chemistry students when I mix these chemicals to create gold from lead.
by mslalib March 02, 2010

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The art of walking around at work, moving papers from one place to another, to give the impression that a person is busy at work
I was so pretend busy at work today; I completely missed the Christmas party that we had today.
by mslalib December 20, 2013

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(noun) an aggressive, obnoxious driver who follows closer than 1 foot behind a car, even though there are open lanes he/she could use to pass.
When I was center-lane driving to school this morning, this tailgatinator was almost riding my bumper, even though he could have passed me in either the left or right lane.
by mslalib March 29, 2010

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A Pokemon Go user who brags about their trainer level, the Pokemons captured, their CP, gym battles won, etc
My former friend is such a PokeSnob; all he did was brag about his sad, pathetic PokeLife
by mslalib August 03, 2016

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(noun) driving in such a way as to intimidate, to intend or to cause pain or harm. combative, hostile driving.
So much autogression on the highway this morning; why do people drive like they're fighting with their cars?
by mslalib March 10, 2010

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(verb) the act of attempting to use an electronic device, like the iPod, or iPhone, by someone on the other side of the digital divide.
Did you see that old man iTry to use my iPod? Total noob
by mslalib February 25, 2010

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