5 definitions by mrphil

The stem of a melon that is used by George Michael for anal intervention
Freddie had great fun with that melonknob last night
by mrphil March 3, 2021
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When you tell your future cousin in law she could make money by painting reproductive organs and she doesn't start painting them
Katie, all the gays wanna see your artwork of their dongs, it's a missed opportunity
by mrphil January 13, 2021
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President elect of the Hull University Union LGBQTL+ Society 2001. Ran a good campaign but ultimately failed.
That shorts was an utter legend at uni.
by mrphil January 15, 2021
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A sexy ginger ho from Iceland. She keeps her youthful complexion with regular Icelandic face asks and keeps her energy up with regular Belgium breakfasts.
Last night I dreamt about kristel and came in my pants
by mrphil March 5, 2021
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A group of white people who attended Hull University at the turn of the century
Omg them white people are so fit, especially the one in shorts, he looks like he could run for president
by mrphil January 14, 2021
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