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an excessevily boyant boy who shaves his legs and wears gold hot pants
Declan is excessively boyant he looks like a kylie manoge clone
by mountianbikeman March 02, 2008

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gormless means Lacking intelligence and vitality and dull a slapper is someone who puts it out more than they ought. A gormless slapper is dumb and will root anyone
She was such a gormless slapper that she'd root just any ol hillbilly.
by mountianbikeman March 18, 2008

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of doubtful authenticity or spurious. Something which is talked about but does not materialise, or it does not exsist
a good second hand down hill mountian bike is apocryphal
by mountianbikeman March 20, 2008

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the fact that the subject is shockingly noticeably or evidently, obviously and glaringly emo
Declan is so flagrantly emo that people just take it for granted
by mountianbikeman March 18, 2008

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a person responsible for mountain bikes or mountian bike parts that have been wrecked, destroyed or vivistected
so far he has "vivisected"

5 derailleurs

4 forks

3 frames

4 seatposts

3 sets of pedals

3 headsets

8 cranks

3 saddles

5 brakesets

12 shifters

24 rims/wheels

0 bars
673 derailleur hangers

bikes tremble in fear of the vivesector
by mountianbikeman June 03, 2010

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1. young males who shave their legs and wear gold hot pants
2. emo kids
3. of an extremely artistic temprement
4. Mountian biker slang for "gay"
5. See Declan
excessively boyant
declan's constant post whoring indicate that he is behaving in an excessively boyant manner at the moment
by mountianbikeman March 01, 2008

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Daisy Hill is a suburb on the southside of Brisbane, near Springwood. There is a Koala park at the end of daisyhill road which is an area much loved by the local mountian bike community. there are some really good, flowing tracks which are really good for beginners, its a mountian bike paradise
I love living at daisy hill, its only one km from the best tracks in brisbane
by mountianbikeman April 30, 2010

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