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of doubtful authenticity or spurious. Something which is talked about but does not materialise, or it does not exsist
a good second hand down hill mountian bike is apocryphal
by mountainbikeman March 20, 2008
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From the Greek word Apocrypha which means 'hidden things'. Slang term derived from the Apocryphical Books of the Bible. In daily speech, "Apocrypha" and "apocryphal" means something that is not canonical, something that doesn't really count. Often used by comic book or tv-show geeks.
Nah -- Spock never visited Never-Never Land in current Star Trek continuity. That episode is totally apocryphal.

(Note that the example itself is apocryphal and not taken from neither the real world nor Star Trek lore.)
by Mefistofeles August 30, 2004
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