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A game in which 5 or more men sit at a round table naked and a woman is placed under the table. The woman then picks which cock to suck. Then the men try to guess who is getting the blow job.
They were playing BJ Roundtable and it was completely noticable that Ron was getting the blow job.
by MonsterMax November 27, 2010

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When ones penis is so big that it can barely fit in a vagina, or mabey too big to fit in a vagina. Also, a monster cock exploads more jizz than a normal penis each ejaculation. If the penis is not circumsized, it cannot be a monster cock.
Dan stuck his monster cock so far into her vagina, that it punctured her internal organs.
by monstermax October 17, 2010

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When one takes a major shat and left over shit crumbs gets stuck in the ass hair
I dont want to pull my pants up because i dont want to get shit from my wet squirrel to get stuck to my underwear
by MonsterMAx October 08, 2010

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When someone fucks the lips of a vagina so hard that the forskin of the penis becomes red and soar in a stinging manner. (Basically feels like a sunburn)
Jeff slammed Jane tight pussy so hard that he got lip-burn
by Monstermax November 20, 2010

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Someone who: likes their own statuses, adds so many friends in one day that the account disables itself from adding more people, actually jacks off to other people's photos, tries to chat with you when your offline, has 10 statuses in one day, likes a page and then talks shit about it under the comments, likes Justin Beiber's page, thinks he's a smart ass and types in "1st to comment under pages comments, says their the 1st to comment and they actually aren't, comments "like" instead of actually liking the status, stalks other people's photos constantly, has had facebook for longer than a year and still doesn't have a profile picture, draws penises as their status, comments "add me" under pages comments, actually adds those people, has the notes box available and does not have any written down, only uses facebook for the games, actually sits their after updating their status and actually waits for someone to comment on it and then they comment back 5 seconds later, and thinks life is facebook
The Facebook Faggot actually jacked off to the midget's profile picture!!!

Interesting Fact: If facebook was a country, it would have the 3rd largest population
by Monstermax December 15, 2010

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The most magical tool on earth
Dan's penis is so magical that he created new life with it!!
by MonsterMax December 09, 2010

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Known as the absolute perfect body on a female. 36 inches measuring the length around the tits and back, 24 inches measuring around the waist, and 36 inches around the hips and ass. (Could also be said in feet: 3-2-3) This is also called the "hour glass" body.
The chick that had a 36-24-36 body form gave me an extreme erection.
by Monstermax January 13, 2011

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