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Pronounced "VAR-DO" Vardo is someone who fathered ur kids but never was a father. Vardo is someone who never valued u and cheated on you with ugly ass women. Vardo is someone who lost the best woman he will ever have. Vardo is a god dam fool that needs to grow up and get his shit together. Some words to describe Vardo - immature , selfish, delusional, in denial, dumbass
Vardo ruined his life over a hoe and lost his wife and kids.
by Chiludo I think not!! February 18, 2016
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A traditional British Gypsy horse-drawn wagon home that is commonly decorated with bright paint and gilding and intricately carved, and which includes functional wood stove and chimney.
You will never see a Vardo or any other Gypsy caravan model in an RV park in America. Ah, such cultural depravity of the Nomads in America.
by mlhiss September 09, 2019
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