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A potato of which has been left in the ground for too long and infected by the roots of plants around it. Once it enters this phase, it sprouts out of the ground and begins terrorizing people around it. The Potaterminus is not only infectious to other potatoes, but people too. Common symptoms that occur after contact with the Potaterminus include (but are not limited to) small brown spots across the body, traces of starch in blood, and a potato-like tone to skin, no matter the race. The Potaterminus' goals are unknown, but it does appear to be fully alive and is extremely hostile towards anything that breathes.
Brian: William, did you remember to harvest the potatoes this morning?
William: ...
Brian: So they wouldn't start rotting and possibly become a Potaterminus?
William: ...Uuh-
Brian: Well?
William: Yyyeah, no, we're fucked.
by mirrormanwastaken November 30, 2021
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when people approve of you committing heinous acts such as arson
"duuude, that diabolical scheme you just made and used to blow up the schoolhouse was arsome"
by mirrormanwastaken November 29, 2021
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A derogatory word for League Of Legends Players, as if there weren't enough things to call them. Homeabrang is also a synonym for "virgin" and "piss baby", and using the word refers to both simultaneously. It also means a one-polygon having, inbred 12 year old white boy who's only comeback is "I fucked your mom," even though they haven't touched a woman since they came out of their mom's cooter. Homeabrang also refers to a mullet-having, republican, white supremacist, mom-and-dad-were-brother-and-sister, skidmark having, low-quality, 120p, head-lodged-so-far-up-their-ass-they-can-see-their-colon, no lifer, no friends having, so deep in the closet they're in Narnia, 14 year old Alabamian that hasn't left Peepaw's farm in their entire life and looks like an egg with a bad case of looking like the fucked up wojack with a dented head.
"Dude you play League of Legends?"
"Damn, sad to find out you're a homeabrang."
"what the fuck"
by mirrormanwastaken December 1, 2021
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Either a person's huge dick, or a person being a huge dick. If a person with a huge dick has a huge dick, their mental universe collapses and their head and penis swap positions. This is where the term "Getting Head" comes from.
There are no examples of a huge dick, it's entirely fact and you should know it.
by mirrormanwastaken December 1, 2021
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horribly mutilated jeans or the action of horribly mutilating jeans
"bro sorry i just jeanspard your pants"
by mirrormanwastaken November 29, 2021
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some evil-ass hedgehog or something
guy one: x
guy two:💀
by mirrormanwastaken January 10, 2022
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