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a badass game for PC that has the best physics engine ever. i do wish that all of you jackasses would quit compairing it to halo 2. those two games are in completely seperate realms of each other. PC's and consoles are totally different. both games are great in their own right, but trying to compare the two is like saying that a certain book is better than a completely different movie. thats fucking retarded.
you can get it at walmart or anyplace that sells video games
by joe January 28, 2005
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Half life 2 is the long anticipated sequel to half life, a first person shooter video game that truly raised the bar for FPS with cinematic gameplay, From the very start of half life 2 you are pulled into an immersive world with believable and memorable characters, wonderful gameplay and a story that will leave you hooked from start to finish, Half life 2 is a work of art and even once you've finished the game it's just as fun the second time around.
You take the role of Dr Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist and the protagonist of half life.
The world has changed dramatically since the time between the first and second games; the world has been enslaved by an alien force known as the combine or the "universal union"
It takes place in an Eastern European city which is now known as city 17. Gordon’s initial task was to work with the resistance in scientific matters, but that changed as the combine launched an attack on black mesa east, a resistance base in the outskirts of city 17, launching Gordon into a fast paced adventure filled with headcrabs, buggies, striders and antlion taming.
Half life 2.
need i say more?
by Honoth March 10, 2007
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Unbelievably awesome game.
HL2 beats 700 shades of shite out of Halo 2.
by Crowbar December 20, 2004
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IN MY OPINION...the best game ever. IN MY OPINION, it's better than Halo 2. Why you may ask? Let's list the reasons. 1. WAY better physics/graphics...2. Not nearly as many cheaters online...3. No douchebag ranking system...4. The gravity gun is just so damn cool. Now, you may say "Your only hating Halo because you suck." Not true, I'm fairly good, but I don't sit around and play it ALL DAY.
No comment at all , silly Halo...ers. I like Half-life 2 better. <Wait, that's a comment, oh well.
by Sw0rdPh1sh August 04, 2006
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the absolute greatest thing ever thing ever to occur in cyberspace. the culmination and cultivation of years of work and sweat to build a machine that could play a game as beautiful as this. this is what the creators of the computer strived to create their machine to do. so that one day, a graphically stunning, amazing game could be played on it.
Preacher: ....and lastly, I thank God for Half Life 2.
Church: AMEN!
by James Hexler April 24, 2005
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What you first play Half Life 2 you are surprised at every turn. Its the enviroment, its the feeling that wow, this level looks like that place I drove past on our trip to LA. OMG i can use the gravity to pick up scanners and use em as buzzsaws, OMG the pulse rifle secondary fire vaporized that guy, OMG i just dropped that car on those zombies, killing them instantly, OMG i can roll nades into gun turret holes, OMG my crossbow bolt pinned the guy to the wall upside down by his leg, or OMG this blue gravity gun can pick up enemies and throw them at other enemies. I know I've played ravenholm about 3-4 times just cause its awesome killing zombies with the Gravity gun.

And look how far Half Life has come, people are still making mods for a 6 year old game. Imagine what they can do with the source engine!? Half Life 2 will last much longer than Halo2 and I bet Microsoft is trying to make Halo 3 as fast as possible so people don't lose intrest in the Halo series. Whereas Valve will take it's time because Half Life 2 isn't gonna lose intrest anytime soon.
Half Life 2 is too special to describe
by Mike February 16, 2005
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