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A person who wishes he was japanese. The highest concentration in america is decidedly at vanguard shcool in Dallas Tx. In all cases they have never set foot in japan.
A vanguard student: I hate Ieyasu Tokugawa for destroying Japans ancient fragile culture. God I love Rurononi Kenshin!

Jhonny the Japanese dude: So I am tainted huh?

vanguard student: Wow your from japan ( shits pants) wow do you have a sword! do you like anime! let me join in your warrior spirit! remember I put the FUN in fundamentalist

Jhonny the japanese dude: get a life

Another dude: japan is not that great a country, if it was that great than how come japanse folks come to america huh?

Vanguard student: oooowwwww how could you I am offended you are racist!

another dude: I dont have a problem with japanese people I just think you are a flaming homo, and a sheltered} dum fuck
by milkshake March 24, 2005
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a strange little girl that haunts hillary duff day and night. lizzie mcguire is hillary duffs worst nightmare.

the thing that makes teenage girls run around naked
Hillary: aaww man Im having my period!
Lizzie: hah hah look at you and your std's
Hillary: please quit making fun of me!
by milkshake January 20, 2005
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having an orgasm in the back of a dark movie theatre
" during that movie spongebob me and christina hopped aboard mr rampy's ship of dreams!"
by Milkshake December 13, 2004
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a fucked up male individual who lives in north london, farts a lot, smokes roll ups. |His own side of the family does not matter to him , nave gave a shit about his sister, his wifes family rule him, and he does what they say, they love to gossip about everyone. he drinks Carlsberg beer, and loves Bristol.

he has a fucked up busy body of a daughter.
alright mate!!
and you git!!!
by milkshake July 27, 2004
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a popular bumper sticker for snowboarders in New Mexico. Taos does not allow snowboarders, only faggot skiiers, thereby hogging one of the greatest mountains of all time.
free taos!!!

by milkshake January 20, 2005
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a great snowboarding area, a 20 minutes drive from santa fe new mexico. This is the greatest place to snowboard in the rocky mountains it is much better than taos or vail. it is a snowboarding paradise because it isnt full of snotty asshole rich people who crowd the way and hog the mountain
I went to ski santa fe and it was bliss

it is much better than that shitdump called taos!
by milkshake January 20, 2005
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This kick-ass movie that Ali G my main man piched in Hollywood.
I watched the Spyz movie and then next time I had sex I found myself saying work, work, work.
by milkshake March 26, 2005
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