official online bank of scammers. People on Craigslist will try to use it too scam you.

used to send money
Scammer: Oh I sent a money order, but we accidently sent the money order for the wrong item, Please send the extra 800$ to the adress using western union.

money order was fake and the adress was africa. I hate people sometimes.
by Tdowns August 16, 2007
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Money transfer service designed to rip you off of your hard-earned savings.

Western Union is suspected of covering up a massive fraud involving false rentals, particularly in the London area.

NEVER, EVER USE western union!!! You'd be safer sending your money via a demented homing pidgeon.
Customer: Good morning, my name is Customer and it seems my money has disappeared into thin air. Control code is 123456987. Could you check, please?"

Western Union Customer Care: "No, we can't. We're too busy spending your money on pot and whores."
by bloodymurdererhahaha October 26, 2008
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The only time you’ll use this bank is when you’re ordering a fake ID.
“Hey man, how do I order my fake”
“Send your money through Western Union”
Bet bro, lets go to the bar when it comes in”
by Cleveland Mf July 12, 2019
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