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Alexander Hamilton was one of the most underappreciated Founding father of the United States of America. He was born in the mid 1700's in the West Indies in the town of Nevis. Attending King's College (later known as Columbia) at the age of 19, and began to opine his Federalist points of view in local New York newspapers. He was fluent in French, a delightful businessman, and a devoted religious and political scholar. His multitude successes in life were ironic considering his tumultuous childhood during which he moved to several outlets in the British West Indy isles and was "fathered" by unworthy stepfathers who continued to abandon him. He died at the age of 45 in a duel with Aaron Burr, his foremost political adversary.
Alexander Hamilton was illigetimate
by mike potter September 11, 2005

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"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan's highly exagerrated arm measurements.
at the most, Hulk Hogan's "24 inch pythons" were 21-22 inches in their prime
by mike potter September 11, 2005

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The Leader of The German Worker's Party which later became the National Socialist, or Nazi, Party. Wrote an autobiography entitled "Mein Kampf" (or My Struggle/Battle) describing his national extremist point of view and intense hatred of Jews and the "Jewry", which they brought about. A man "mit grosse Probleme und kleiner Mast," as his close commrades Rommell, Hess, and Himmler often quipped in the midst of the second World War. In 1944, after losing ground in Sicily and the Italian mainland, he realized that his pointless war to prove that Deutschland truly was "uber alles" would most likely falter. In 1945, he blew his fucking brains out because he finally realized that his mind was his own worst enemy.
Heil Adolf Hitler (Herr Fuhrer)! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!
by Mike Potter September 07, 2005

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a blasphemous rendering of the popular Harry Potter book entitled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Coming this Fall to a theater near you..."Hairy Penis and the Kidney Stone"
"Abracadara, Abracadee, release the stone so I can pee..."
by mike potter September 11, 2005

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the name for that funny Nazi war salute in the late thirties to early forties..,literally "Hitler Greetings"...ofen accompanied by a "Sieg Heil!" or "Heil Hitler"
Ach! Nicht ein Hitlergruss einmal!Bitte. Nie mehr auf diese schiesse!!!
by Mike Potter September 10, 2005

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A common claim among bodybuilding enthusiasts who usually weigh between 165-180 pounds. Most of them, of course, are lying.
Small guy with 15" biceps looks at 6'0 215 pound fitness model Bill Davey, who has 18" arms.

"Yeah man, that guys huge. But. "I have 18 inch biceps" too, so he's not that big."
by mike potter June 11, 2007

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Simply the italian equivalent of the English words "steamed milk"...used to influenced American idiots into paying $3 for a drink they could easily make at home at much less expense.
Ohhh...a latte! I love getting those at Starbucks, they're such a high end restaurant...
by mike potter September 11, 2005

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