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Malnourished, eight to twelve hours of back breaking labor workhorse of a man, still standing, kicked around by his own ungrateful people, fifty beer drinking, salt of the earth, ethical, self educated, rifle born, backwoods raised, sleeps in his boots, pissing on churches, what that's what there for?, angel-possessed demon of a man (haven't yet seen a woman of the same, close, but no), doesn't vote because a politicians job is to be a public servant so it shouldnt matter whom they are, fearing for YOUR future more than his own, no sleep getting, unwashed, unbaptised, kicked from the afterlife of valhalla, warned you once, tell you like it is, one man army type of son of a bitch That tries real hard (so knock it the he'll off) naught to just knock the teeth out of you special snowflakes.
Yeah bitchtits, I'm a Federalist, unlike the hipster want-to-be with the "don't tread on me" bumpersticker on his dodge charger.
by Cthulhu Rex October 05, 2018
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