A pimp island where they suck a lot of pussy!!!
Dan: Have you heard about Nevis?
Jude: Yeah!!! They suck a lot of pussy there.
by K-dizzle211 January 16, 2009
Nevis is a very bright elegant young lady,she can be very rude but she is always fun and will never fail to brighten but your day,everyone needs a Nevis.
by nevis April 16, 2015
A word that means no for when no gets boring
“Bro did see that game yesterday”
“Nevis bruh I driving home”
by Boobymilk December 25, 2019
The cutest, funniest girl you will ever see. Although sometimes you might be confused by her, she will always cheer you up in her own way. She is always there when you need to talk and she cares for all her friends + family
That Nevie person is really cute and kind
by That Person Person August 1, 2017
Nevies - short for Neverland. Neverland is the fandom name of the K-pop group (G)I-DLE.
Nevies don't forget to vote and stream!
by Noodlelands January 16, 2021
Someone: “whos Nevi”
by Matsuki December 22, 2021
Nevy is only used by a selective group of people and originates from the word nevulone which is linked to the brand,Many use the word in the the wrong context and thats why only a selective amount of people are allowed to use it,
"she broke my heart" "staynevymuhfucker'' <3
by Thxbxso October 9, 2019