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some women, like does, have beautiful brown eyes
Winona Ryder, a doe-eyed actress
by Mig March 15, 2004

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to be in a state of complete self control

usually a referance to staying cool enough to not sport wood in the presence of a fine lady
"just stay cool man, ice cold"
translation : don't embarass yourself with a huge hardon, have some class, relax. picture ice cold.
by mig January 18, 2004

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1) Substances duplicitously sold as illegal/illicit/recreational chemicals that do not produce the desired effect.

2) Illegal/illicit/recreational chemicals cut to such an extreme that their effect is severely reduced.
If you buy from a stranger at a rave, be prepared to get bunk pills, or worse.
by mig March 08, 2003

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Defined on here as an amusing bathroom-graffiti phenomenon. This same exact phenomenon was prominent in two high-traffic public mens' restrooms at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in the mid-1990's. It included also "The Grout Beyond", "Grout-o Marks", "The Grout Space Coaster," etc.

I'm not sure where it originated... I post it here because it's a second place in a different time, and it would be interesting to try to trace its origin.
The Grout Beyond; Grouto Marx; The Grout Space Coaster; Three Strikes-- you're grout; etc.
by mig May 19, 2005

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1.When someone fucks up a lot at a party, throwin up and shit.
2.A really, really crappy graf
1. Yo, Henry East flamberged like a bitch on New Years
Yo, Fred flamberged like a pussy at Jacks
2. A graf near Drayton School thats shite
by mig January 06, 2005

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To stick chips up ones nose.
I;ve just done a right nirvie !
by MiG February 03, 2003

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The haircut now chiefly known as a "mullet", although the term "schaum" predated it by several years. Can be used with various prefixes: feather-schaum, mexi-schaum, etc. Origin of the word: it's a shortening of "a Schaumberg", which is a direct reference to the city of Schaumberg Illinois, where such a haircut was predominant in the early 90's.
Check out the mexi-schaum on that guy!
by mig May 07, 2005

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