To get an erection
Every time dat hoe bend over an I see dat ass I sport wood so fast it's almost a zipper ripper!
by Nutbushknucklehead September 27, 2013
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Having an erection in a public place such as the office, or a club.
I had lunch with the new secretary, and was suddenly sporting wood on the drive back to the office.
by England phi beta gamma March 26, 2008
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To have an erection, typically in a public situation.

Used metaphorically to mean to show off. Also used metaphorically to mean a sudden rise in value.
What's the worst place to sport wood?
Gotto go with the funeral. As a pall bearer.

These earbuds are the only appropriate way to sport wood in public.

The Fed announced Quantitative Easing will be exited October. The Dollar sported wood immediately.
by malayal August 12, 2009
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The erections that Jim Nance and Johnny Miller produce whenever they are able to work Tiger Woods name into a golf tournament broadcast. Which is, of course, whenever possible.
Jim Nance: Tom Watson hurt his elbow on the 6th Hole.
Johnny Miller: Tiger Woods has elbows.
Jim Nance: The elbows of a champion as a matter of fact.
(off camera)
Johnny Miller: Are you pants getting tighter?
Jim Nance: Oh Yeah, we're sporting woods!
by Fist of Fury April 12, 2008
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A slang term to express how desireable or impressive something is, such as a girl, car, movie or anything that could create excitement.
Man, that chick Sports Wood, Rapist Style! (You can add the additional, Rapist Style when something is ultra exceptional).
by Ferreson September 30, 2004
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Giant retailer of condoms and other sexual enhancement products.
Joff: My girlfriend is coming into town this weekend. I can't wait to give her the balogna pony. I need to pick up a 12 pack of condoms.

LL: I heard Dick's Sporting Wood is having a blow-out sale on condoms and viagra this weekend.

Joff: Awesome! Do you need me to pick you up anything while I'm there?

LL: Yes, can you get me some of that Black Magic? I plan on getting some poontang of my own!
by joff leff December 26, 2011
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