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1.) The fictional disease, based loosely off Ebola, which appeared in the movie Outbreak. It was later referenced in an episode of Clerks: the Animated Series.

2.) Any "bug" which afflicts masses of people living in close proximity--typically college dorms, offices, etc--with no explainable cause or origin.

3.) A "bug" which is more psychological than physical, and spreads rapidly amongst people with little to no physical contact.
1.) "With God as my witness, Monkey, you will NOT infect this town with your deadly Motaba virus." - Randall, Clerks

2.) "The entire third floor of Palevsky Central Hall is infected with some kind of Motaba Virus or something--they've all been vomiting for two days. Wonder who started it."

3.) "Steve hasn't been in Japanese class for nearly a week but I could've sworn I saw him with his new Asian girlfriend. Must be the deadly Motaba virus."
by mei0023 May 04, 2005
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a fictional disease similair but faster acting than ebola. it first appeared in the movie Outbreak. It later was in Clerks:the animated series
DANTE: Isn't there a cure for Motaba?
ARMY MAN: Yes, burning you alive, actually.
by mephisto May 28, 2003
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